Change the Story: A storytelling project

Change the Story is a nationwide storytelling project celebrating ability and showing how sustainable, meaningful employment can change lives and activate communities.

Together with our Service Partners, CoAct has created seven short documentaries that follow the stories of people and communities across Australia who are changing the story around disability employment.

It’s a look into what navigating the world of work means through the eyes of people with disability, employees, employers and frontline workers.

Watch the films

Discover our seven short documentaries that follow people and communities across Australia who are changing the story around disability employment and opening a world of opportunity.

1 in 5 Australians live with disability
Australians are of working age living with disability.
The employment rate for people with disability is almost half compared to those without disability.

How can we change these statistics for the better?

It could be our neighbour, our friend, our brother, our mother.

It could be you.

How can we shift our thinking so that embracing differing levels of ability becomes the norm, not the exception?

Because the truth is, everyone has ability.

What happens when we Change the Story?

When we Change the Story, we break down the stereotypes of what ability means.

When we Change the Story to focus on ability, choose inclusion and celebrate diversity, we open a world of opportunity.

When we Change the Story, we enable empowered employment and the flood of positive flow on effects that come with it.

The opportunity

We know that sustained, meaningful employment gives people a sense of identity and self-worth, increased confidence and expanding social networks.

It also leads to financial independence and opportunities to gain skills, knowledge and develop a career.

So why wouldn’t we want to change the story around disability employment and the statistics behind it?

Will you help Change the Story?

Join the movement for change in disability employment.

Because together, we can create:
The excitement of a new chapter.
The pride in developing a career.
The comfort of financial stability.
The feeling of belonging.
The joy of supporting others.
Diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
The bringing together of communities.

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